The 548 Group provides a wide array of products to our customers. Ranging from standard material handling products, to custom made solutions, to out of the ordinary creations, the 548 Group can handle it all.

Custom Warehouse Racking Solutions

Selective Single and Double Deep Rack Systems The simplest and least expensive of all racking systems. Selective rack permits only one unit deep pallet loads to be stored side by side. For greater storage density, double deep rack accommodates two pallet loads stacked back-to-back. Drive-In and Drive-Through Rack Systems. Ideal for storing high volumes of the same sku while maximizing cubic storage space. Drive-in racking is a last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory... Read More

Platforms, Mezzanines, Canopies

Mezzanines, platforms, metal buildings, industrial canopies, etc. are designed and engineered to meet your specific needs and load requirements. Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular components reduce architectural and engineering costs and save time in the overall project when compared to conventional construction. Read More

Modular Offices

A pre-engineered modular office structure alleviates the need to hire costly architects and engineers. Modular Offices are pre-fabricated, avoiding time constraints associated with conventional construction. Pre-manufactured modular office systems can be installed in days instead of weeks compared to conventional construction. Modular office systems allow flexibility to adapt and accommodate your new employees, allowing you to upsize or downsize with minimal down time. Modular construction has up to twice the... Read More


The 548 Group, Inc. offers conveyor system design and layout, including system scope, materials specification, controls layout, operator interfaces and programing. Conveyor systems offer reduction in labor and associated costs, improved order accuracy, ergonomic benefits, faster throughput, space savings and less forklift equipment/operators and low operating costs. Read More


Wire, Particle board Rivet style or all Steel. Wire shelving allows for maximum light penetration and can be made into both stationary and mobile security units. Rivet style boltless shelving is an all the boltless shelving can be disassembled with ease, transported, and recombined to create extra storage where needed. Installing cost-effective rivet or all steel double-deck industrial shelving units with a grated catwalk between aisles, enables you to maximize... Read More

Out of the Ordinary Custom Solutions

When 548 Group’s customers have an idea of how to create something unique but may not know how to build, The 548 group can figure it out for them. We have built some out of the ordinary projects based on a customer’s idea, problem, or opportunity. Read More
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